About Us

About Us

20 Years experience writing software for the service industry

Established in 1992, PC Control Systems have been at the forefront of service management software within the consumer electronic, domestic appliance and mobile phone industries.

Our systems are in use by leading brands and manufacturers within those industries and at their authorised service and retail centres.

We face an exciting future as we move into our third decade.

Company Overview

PCCS is a software house that specialises in the creation of business critical service management and retail database applications. We have a head office in Northampton, England and a regional office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

First established in 1992, our clients are consumer electronic & domestic appliance manufacturers, mobile phone networks, major retailers and service centres. The majority of our software has been speculatively created and deployed, however, a significant number of applications have been designed and built to meet clients specific requirements.

Our professional team of programmers primarily develop in PHP and ASP although over the years they have developed applications in many different languages. Some of our systems have been in operation for more than 10 years, however, they are constantly being enhanced and improved to ensure they meet the requirements of a demanding customer base.

We are currently developing Skyline. This is a new application that will eventually envelop most of our existing systems. Skyline is being developed as a joint venture driven by the defined requirements of our primary clients and our in house development team.


  1. PC Control Systems Incorporated.

  2. PC Control Systems release ServiceBase.

  3. Philips deploy ServiceBase in their central repair centre.

  4. Samsung deploy ServiceBase in their Telford head office.

  5. Samsung sponsor a new cellular repair system.

  6. Intec deploy ServiceBase Cellular for Samsung & Vodafone repairs.

  7. CRC commission a warranty validation system for Nokia.

  8. Sanyo deploy ServiceBase in Dublin central repair centre.

  9. SellFone released into cellular retail market.

  10. Shebang commission Distribution system.

  11. Vodacom deploy in Johannesburg & 79 sites across South Africa.

  12. SellFone Integrated into Distribution system..

  13. Shebang roll out SellFone into 150 retail stores.

  14. UTL deploy SID

  15. SellFone interfaced with Orange and TMobile

  16. SellFone interfaced with 3, Vodafone & O2. RMA Tracker released and deployed by sony.

  17. Tesco deploy SellFone in 150 stores. Samsung Deploy RMA Tracker.

  18. Noise UK deploy RMA Tracker with new web front end.

  19. ASDA deploy SellFone.

  20. PCCS invited to No10.

  21. Skyline released & deployed by Noise for Argos, Dixons Car phone etc.

  22. Skyline deployed by Telegistics in New Zealand.

  23. Skyline deployed by Bamboo.

  24. Domestic & General deploy Skyline.

Mission Statement

PCCS are completely focused on working with our partners to deliver quality systems. We work hard to understand their particular business and how we can best benefit their requirements. The management team consistently ensure that all departments and their staff stay in touch with the latest technology & innovations and incorporate any new developments into our software applications. We attend trade shows and conferences as well as actively reading the industry press and participating in software community discussions and forums.

We are an equal opportunity employer that recognises the contribution that all employees can bring to the business. We strive to be an understanding employer that will support our team members if they have professional or personal issues. We support and encourage our staff to personally develop their skills and to research and develop any new and innovative features that will enhance or benefit our systems.

We are a Green employer and believe in a sustainable environment. We conserve energy and limit travel where possible. We comply with the WEE directive on waste management and recycle waste hardware and peripherals. We try to ensure redundant equipment is reused rather than recycled. We encourage our staff to do the same both in and out of work.

We also encourage our staff to be socially aware and we support them in their charitable events. We collectively participate in events such as Race For Life and Children In Need. We also support charities such as Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Alzheimer's Society.

The company rigorously supports and complies with health & safety legislation. We believe our staff deserve a safe and secure working environment.



Consumer Electronic Industry

PCCS has been working with the consumer electronics and mobile phone service industry for 20 years. Throughout that period ServiceBase has consistently been the industry standard repair management software for the UK & Ireland.

ServiceBase is used by 92% of the CE Manufacturers Authorised Service Centre’s.

We are currently working with leading manufacturers to enhance communications between their backend systems and their authorised service network.

Our systems manage the entire repair process from an initial contact with a consumer, through the repair process, up to the presentation of an electronic warranty claim to a manufacturer.

Our systems are used by Argos, Curry’s, Dixons, Tesco and many other major retailers to assist in managing their post sale repair lifecycle.

We have recently released our new Skyline system that manages repairs & servicing at all levels.

We are implementing a project that is creating 100 integrated web sites to facilitate online booking and tracking for end users.

We are currently developing innovative ways to deliver additional income to our service network through key partnerships and unique affiliations.

Mobile Phone Industry

UTL Logistics use our systems to facilitate their Vodafone and Virgin contracts.

All UK Vodafone retail stores & call centre’s use SID to assist in managing their return logistics.

Virgins UK call centre use our systems with a retail rollout planned for later this year.

Vodacom use our software to manage up to 1 million repairs per annum through their central repair base in Johannesburg and at 79 sites throughout South Africa.

MTC use a similar system to manage their central repair base in Windhoek and at 6 sites throughout Namibia.

Shebang Distribution transacts £60m of trade & commission sales per year through our mobile phone distribution system.

140 Retail shops in the UK use SellFone & SpeedPortal to connect 10,000 contract & PAYG devices per month.

SellFone & SpeedPortal are dynamically linked to the backend connection portals of all 5 major UK mobile phone networks. PCCS are the only multi branded independent software supplier in the UK to achieve this.

Fonecare use our bespoke Insurance system to connect & register 8,000 new customers per month.