The Microsites team deploy NoiseUK website redesign

We’ve redesigned the Noise Website With the partnership between PCCS Group and NoiseUK growing due to increase in demand and business scope; the design team thought it was necessary to review the Noise online environment ensuring we were not only staying up-to-date with design trends and functionality but to also ensure our in-house websites are built to the highest standard, adhering to Google’s ever changing algorithm and using all the new tools at our disposal since the previous site was […]

Microsites team deploy Brutus Scaffolding website.

The Microsites team at PCCS have deployed a new website – Brutus Scaffolding. Brutus approached us about creating a corporate website showcasing their current work and projects in the pipeline. Brutus acknowledged the ways in which the public source their services is changing, a quick breeze through the Yellow Pages no longer being a viable way of finding reputable service agents. With local newspaper listings generating customers, they required a platform to prove the quality of their work and reaffirm […]

Microsite Development Life Cycle

14 DAYS TO DEPLOY We will deliver a draft MicroSite for your approval within 14 days of receiving your instruction to proceed. 30 DAY ANALYSIS REPORT Automated report scheduling will ensure you receive performance analysis every 30 days to track site visits and return on investment (ROI) 90 DAY SEO CAMPAIGN Our team of SEO Technicians will continuously monitor your MicroSite and review and enhance their campaign every 90 days. Other packages are available that offer more frequent enhancements and […]

All about Microsites

Skyline Microsites are websites targeted at specific industries utilizing common functionality required within that industry. Each industry specific group of websites are completely independent with different themes, design patterns and content. As these groups of sites are targeted we can deliver cutting edge technologies at affordable prices. The sites are packed with features that can only be produced by a company that have detailed knowledge on the sectors they wish to target. ‘Affordable prices’ does not mean there will be […]