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Skyline Service Management comprises of 8 Key Modules that allow you complete control and total visibility over your Service Business.

Each Key Module delivers industry leading tools, giving your staff and business everything they need to optimise efficiency and ensure your customers the best possible service. There is no software to install as Skyline is a cloud based system stored safely on our servers. This means you can access your system 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, but without compromising security.

Job Management

Skyline allows the engineer/administrator to process jobs with minimum of screen changes but ensures all essential data is captured.

This also includes Field Service Management, Full Diary Management, Active Open Job Management and a detailed Reporting Suite. You can monitor all open jobs against manufacturer, client, and product type as well as completed jobs using the same filters. Skyline delivers optimised workforce management software providing you total visibility of your workforce. Its performance gauged individually against clients, products and services. Sets of standardised documents are also included in the package such as Job Sheets, Delivery Notes etc.

The system also includes several set-up wizards for importing manufacturers and spare parts etc. in order to make implementation as simple as possible.

Remote Engineering Application

The Remote Engineer Application is designed around the Samsung Galaxy Note but will work with any Android SMART Phone or Tablet. The ease of use of the Application make it an ideal companion for the field engineer connecting Mobile Workforce to base. The Application intuitively guides the engineer through Best Practice policies and gives ‘real time’ communications and data updates. It links into both Google Maps and the Android Sat Nav apps and includes Stock Management for ‘van stock’ and can also show availability of stock held back at your workshop locations.

The app also includes Safety Check prompts that can be recorded against each job, an Accessories Sales Tool, a Payment Gateway and Customer Survey. Given we allow the facility for engineers to sell accessories the Remote Engineer App can even manage any commission that may be paid.There is also an active I.D. Card with changing logos to match the client for each specific job.

Connected Field Service Management Products and Solutions ensures optimum efficiency for your business as well as being safe in the knowledge that best practice is being followed throughout the Field Service.

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Complete Stock Management

Skyline’s Complete Stock Management Software controls everything from what stock comes in and out of the business to full auditing and forecasting suites, we have got all your stock management requirements covered.

complete stock management

Smart Route Planning / Diary Management

Skyline’s Smart Route Planning Software can set up engineers/drivers with their skillsets, areas covered, hours of work and start/finish locations as well as holidays, sickness etc. Availability is then calculated against skillsets and postcodes. As jobs come in they are automatically checked any time constraints they come with, for example specific AM or PM time slots, time exclusions such as school run's. Availability is then matched against skillset and postcode and once an appointment is booked it is automatically built into the engineers run. As further jobs are booked the jobs may be re-arranged within time constraints of the booking to optimise the journey, making it as efficient as possible. Full Diary Management Software plus Smart Route Planning completely removes the necessity to manually manage the diary on a daily basis. Manual intervention is only required if you wish to force additional appointments into an engineers run that would take him beyond his normal working hours. This automated route optimisation results in significantly less time spent on administration plus increased productivity from field engineers.

E-Mail & SMS Updates

Upon booking a job either a confirmation e-mail or text can be automatically sent to confirm the details along with any appointments booked. You can also configure update e-mails and SMS messages to be sent throughout the life of the job. These can be triggered at key status changes such as Parts Received, New Appointment Confirmation and Estimate Approval

Additional e-mails and SMS messages can also be sent from the Remote Engineer App to update customers on expected times of arrival either 30 or 60 minutes prior to the engineers visit.

As with many of the functions in Skyline this will significantly cut down on admin, especially handling incoming calls requesting job updates.

Client Interface

You can allow your clients to book and track field services or workshop repairs through their own portal that will book jobs directly into your diary as well as allowing them to track the progress of any job 24/7. If you wish you can also offer them appointment booking by giving them limited access to your diary. This is totally under your control over what availability you show but does give an extra selling point for your services.All of this also significantly cuts down on your own administration as someone else is entering the jobs on your system plus your are reducing the need for both telephone calls and e-mails to both book and track jobs.

The interface is password protected and can be optimised to the specific user type whether they be in a call centre or retail outlet. It can also be branded as your own company, as your client or even co-branded as both.

Web Interface

Should you want to allow customers to book or track field services or workshop repairs with you directly from your website we can add a booking and/or tracking portals via an iframe. This sits seamlessly within your website and puts all job details directly into your job management software.

The tracking interface again links directly into your system and allows your customers to check on the status of their jobs 24/7. They can search by Job Number or a combination of Name, Postcode, Tel. No. and/or E-mail address. This is yet another way to cut down admin by reducing incoming calls and e-mails.

Should any of your clients want the portal for their websites we can also provide this but still link it to your system, should you be their sole service provider.

Sage Interface

If your company uses Sage Line 50 as its financial package then the Sage Line 50 Module is an invaluable addition to your Skyline Service Management Software. All invoices created in Skyline will be seamlessly interfaced with Sage in real-time completely eliminating the need to manually enter invoice data and potentially saving hours and hours of re-keying information.

When Skyline needs to generate an Invoice the system will dynamically link to Sage to grab the next Invoice number and write this number to the job in Skyline. During this interface process Skyline will also write the actual Job Number to Sage and update the Sage ledgers with Labour, Parts & Delivery costs and add free text to the invoice notes.

This will ensure that Skyline is always in sync with Sage and your accounts are always 100% accurate and up to date. It will also ensure that all your financial reporting is truly reflecting your current financial position.

Apart from the obvious benefit of having accurate data in your financial system this is a truly cost effective module saving hours of your accounts managers time.

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At PCCS we pride ourselves on the usability of our products. We strive to ensure that our products not only meet exceptional standards but exceed them.

Our software is built to manage your complete business whilst optimising efficiency so it’s important to us that our customer knowledge of the modules and their capabilities is strong enough to enable them to not only use our software effectively and to its full potential, but assist us in improving usability and functionality.

As we are ourselves a small business and our employee’s are multi-skilled we must be sure our resources are implemented in the right way, for the right people. That being said we must price our Training days appropriately as critical resources are utilised elsewhere.


Our Training days typically begin at 9:30am finishing at 4:30pm with a 30 minute lunch break.

If our employee’s are required to travel a fair distance we will add an expenses charge to the total cost of the training. This ensures our employees are covered if they require a stay in a hotel near your business. This will be charged at a fixed fee of £100.

Customise Skyline Lite to manage your specific business requirements