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We don’t make that statement lightly. Skyline has advance Service Specific modules designed to take full control of your Small/Medium Service Management Business. Find out below how Skyline can improve your business and operational intelligence.

What is Skyline Lite ?

Skyline Lite is cloud-based job management software comprising of various modules covering all aspects of your Service Management business. Skyline Lite has been deployed in service centres working in a range of industries.

Skyline Lite delivers an affordable and comprehensive solution to complete job management from booking and tracking workshop repairs to connected field service applications. Skyline Lite offers solutions that suit you and improve operational intelligence.

How much will Skyline Lite cost ?

Pricing for Skyline Lite is dependent on your specific business requirements. We have formulated standardised packages that best suit small medium enterprises or if you prefer you can create a bespoke system tailored exactly to your job management needs.

Our array of modules do vary in price and the number of users you wish to activate will affect the overall quote however post deployment assessments allow you to continue to refine your package to further suit your needs.

How do I register interest ?

Getting started with Skyline Lite is easy. With your business requirements in mind, browse through our modules page and select the ones that best suit your needs. You can then take a look at our pricing structure to gauge how much your Skyline Lite package will cost.

Once you are clear on the modules required and are happy with the pricing, you can send a request through to us for evaluation; we will then contact you to discuss the package in more detail. It’s as simple as that.




Skyline Lite is so much more than just job management software. As well as optimised efficiency, reduced administration and greater business intelligence Skyline Lite will provide additional tools such as booking portals for call centres, retail outlets, web interfaces and smart route planning software. Skyline’s primary function is to connect your workforce to fully utilise the resources at your disposal.


Skyline itself is a cloud based ERP software comprised of various modules covering all business needs of small to medium service providers, from complete stock management modules to full diary management; Skyline Lite is a management solution for service providers working in any industry. Skyline Lite offers an affordable but comprehensive solution to job management.


With improved efficiency and the ability to offer your clients additional support and services, Skyline Lite can grow with your business. Further modules such as the remote engineer application, provides a field service software solution and ensures best practice by your field engineers and optimised workforce management software allowing you to track progress on jobs in real time throughout the day.

Should you identify any business critical functions that are not covered by Skyline Lite, we are very happy to discuss your requirements to help us develop Skyline Lite further. Post deployment assessments, collaboration with our users plus our knowledge of the industries we work with is what makes us stand apart from other software providers.



Skyline Service Management Key Modules

Skyline Service Management comprises of 8 Key Modules that allow you complete control and total visibility over your Service Business.


Each Key Module delivers industry leading tools, giving your staff and business everything they need to optimise efficiency and ensure your customers the best possible service. There is no software to install as Skyline is a cloud based system stored safely on our servers. This means you can access your system 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, but without compromising security.

Simple Smart Software

Skyline Lite is an intuitive piece of software aimed at optimised work force management, whether they’re a casual user or used as a primary job role. Skyline Lite combines mobile workforce management services with client interfaces to streamline your processes.

Key data is easily accessible and displayed in clear, easy to understand dashboards, plus our collection of graphical displays and charts inform your users of business performance and alerts at areas which are in jeopardy of failing their service levels.

Skyline Lite improves business and operational intelligence by simplifying your management requirements.



Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Our service industry job management software is already in use by a wide range of customers, from independent service centres to blue chip manufacturers, retailers, insurers and networks. These include Samsung, Panasonic, Linsar, Loewe, Vodafone, UTL, Tesco, Dixons, Argos, RETRA, BeValued, Noise UK and Domestic & General Service Providers.

Independent service centres for the above manufacturers also use our job management software and not just in the UK. Vodacom in South Africa and their network of service centres, MTC in Namibia and Telegistics in New Zealand are just a few of our international users and many more are due to join them in the coming months.

Customise Skyline Lite to manage your specific business requirements