Cloud Based Job Management Software

Why create a new system?


Technology and the needs of our customers are changing. To meet those needs, we must take full advantage of new and emerging technologies so we can ensure Skyline Job Management Software can continue to improve your Business and Operational Intelligence


Many of our clients are multi-nationals who are looking for one multi-lingual system to roll out worldwide rather than deploy individual solutions in each country. Skyline Cloud based Job Management Software will meet and exceed these requirements.


Supported by a dedicated team of industry professionals who are there to assist from Software Deployment to Post Deployment assessments and enhancing your system to suit your business needs. The Skyline application will be fit for purpose well into the next decade.

Skyline Job Management Software

Job management solutions for service providers


Skyline is a completely new repairs, service and claim management software that uses the latest technology to provide Job Management Solutions for Service providers. Skyline Job Management Software utilises intuitive data entry screens and incorporates logical flow processes that touch on all aspects of the repair/claim cycle from Full Diary Management software to Complete Stock Management

Our software is manufacturer, retailer & consumer focused that keep all participants aware of their responsibilities and key job functions. Skyline’s inclusion of a full suite of graphical and analytical wallboards, dashboards, financial analysis screens and comprehensive reporting ensures full visibility of the well being of your business.

Skyline’s intuitive and responsive design enables users to access the system through any browser or on any Android or Apple device, all you require is a secure internet connection.

Skyline is fully supported by a professional team of developers, designers & testers. Additional team members will be retained later this year to ensure Skyline meets your expectation and can continue to build well into the future.

Part of Skyline’s flexibility relies on its ability to be seamlessly integrated into your current business environment, including Client Interfaces, Web Interfaces; integrating iFrame Booking and Tracking of Work Shop Repairs and Field Services into your website and Sage Interfaces. This makes Skyline the easy choice no matter whether you are a start-up or established business.

Skyline has been designed as an international application. All screens, documents and processes in the system can be substituted with an alternative language. The system has already been translated into German. Other languages can easily be inserted.

Who uses Skyline?


What are its key features?

Intuitive Booking & Tracking Pages

Repair Management

Web Diary

Stock Control

Email Job Updates

SMS Job Updates

CRM Site

Electronic Invoicing

Accounts Interface

Advanced Reports

Smart Phone Apps

Private Hosting

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