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We have some important global customers
with more on the way

Our global presence is currently limited to a few strategic locations, however, our new Skyline application is designed to expand that footprint.

RFQ's currently being processed are coming from existing and potential clients that want a worldwide system.

Global Customer Base Overview
PCCS is a software house that specialises in the creation of business-critical service management and retail database applications.

We have historically developed software for the english speaking market; however our new skyline system is targeted at multi-lingual deployment in a global workspace.

Deploying systems in multiple locations will be challenging but teaming up with key partners in strategic locations within defined industries will prove the fastest and most impacting software development PCCS has ever deployed.

Across 2019/20 Skyline will envelop all our existing software applications into a singular environment. It will incorporate processes for project management, digital services, employee management, procurement, distribution, retail, ecommerce, service, return logistics, CRM, HR and end of life.

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