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About us
27 Years experience writing software for the service industry

Established in 1992, PCCS have been at the forefront of service management software within the consumer electronics, domestic appliance and mobile phone industries.

Our systems are in use by leading brands and manufacturers within those industries and at their authorised service and retail centres.

We face an exciting future as we move into our third decade.

Company Overview
PCCS is a software house that specialises in the creation of business-critical service management and retail database applications.

We have a head office in Brixworth, England and regional offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Hyderabad, India.

First established in 1992, our clients are consumer electronic & domestic appliance manufacturers, warranty providers, mobile phone networks, major retailers and service centres. The majority of our software has been speculatively created and deployed, and we have designed and built a significant number of applications to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Our professional team of programmers primarily develop in PHP and ASP although over the years they have developed applications in many different languages. Some of our systems have been in operation for more than 10 years, and they are continually being enhanced and improved to ensure they meet the requirements of a demanding customer base.

We are currently developing Skyline - a new application that will eventually envelop most of our existing systems. Skyline is being developed as a joint venture driven by the defined requirements of our primary clients and our in-house development team.



Mission Statement
PCCS is a software house that specialises


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Service Management Solutions built for you

We provide service management solutions from small and medium businesses to enterprise clients. Our flagship software - Skyline - is a specialist E2E service supply chain software solution designed to meet and exceed expectations. Skyline's scope ensures our clients are engaged with more than just a software company and are building long term sustainable service solutions and partnerships.