Empowering Change Through
Innovation and Partnership


At PCCS Group, we're not just about software—we're about empowering businesses to thrive through innovation, collaboration, and personalised service. Join us on the journey to streamline your workflows and unlock your full potential.

PCCS Group Ltd are a leading provider of Job Management and Field Service Software solutions since 1992. Originally focused on serving the Consumer Electronics and Mobile Phone industries, our journey over 30+ years has evolved into delivering comprehensive Workflow Management systems.

Our commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions has led us to collaborate with industry giants like Sony, Philips, Samsung, Vodafone, UTL, Virgin Mobile and more recently Nespresso. While we continue to support these sectors, our expansion into diverse industries such as Insurance, Facilities Management, Reclamation, and Medical across various countries including South Africa, Namibia, and Australia reflects our adaptability and global reach.

What sets us apart is our collaborative approach. Unlike traditional supplier-client dynamics, we prioritise partnership and teamwork. Leveraging the expertise of our Business Analysts who hail from diverse industries, we offer a consultative approach to understanding our clients' needs. This enables us to optimise processes and deliver outcomes tailored to their specific requirements, transcending mere digitalisation to provide transformative solutions.

Our Clients