South Africa

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South Africa

We have a regional office located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although we have several smaller clients that we manage from this location Vodacom is by far our largest client in the southern hemisphere.

Vodacom use our systems to process up to one million mobile phone repairs per annum via a network of franchised repair centres.

They operate from an advanced repair centre in Johannesburg and remote repair centres located at 79 sites throughout South Africa.

Our systems manage Vodacom's entire reverse logistics operation from initial booking of the job all the way through to validating warranty claims and processing payments in excess of 200 million Rand per year.

Based on our exceptional relationship with Vodacom, we were approached by Apple Doctor in 2016 to provide a complete software package that can manage all repairs across their 19 stores. Working in partnership with Apple Doctor we have dramatically improved our Skyline mobile module capabilities and we hope the relationship remains mutually beneficial way into the future.