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PC Control systems developing and supporting PCCSUK and its associated products. 

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Specialist E2E Software Solutions

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Over 30 Years Providing Process Management Software

Established in 1992 to support the growing need for process management applications in the IT and mobile device market place PCCS Group has developed over its 30+ years into an all-encompassing services solutions company with ERP software provision as its foundation. We remain focused around the after-sales and support service sectors yet now work with a variety of industries who need to control workflow within a service event. These include IT, FM and Insurance companies who critically have to balance the commercial impact of the precious resources of people and material against a budget and SLA.

We differentiate ourselves from others through collaboration and partnership. Our solutions are driven by real client challenges and have been with us since our incorporation in 1992.

PCCS Group is now more than just a software company. Our range of skills, and portfolio of partners together with in house expertise now provides a platform for growth and efficiency within our client’s businesses. We pride ourselves our not only identifying the industry KPI’s but sharing ownership of these through service delivery.


Our Mission

Is to exceed client's expectations and drive value throughout our relationship through shared ownership of the KPI`s.

Our Vision

Become the market leader in the implementation of E2E service supply chain solutions that enhance our client`s end user experience through innovation and collaboration.

Our People

Our greatest asset is our people, our structure and values empowers them to drive to be innovative and take risks that benefit our clients. We don't do Job descriptions everyone's job is to live and breath our mission in everything we do .

Our Focus

The provision of innovative solutions that enhance our client's business processes and user experience within a set of strategic pillars that foster strong relationships across industry, across platforms.


What are you waiting for?

Service Management Solutions built for you

We provide service management solutions from small and medium businesses to enterprise clients. Our flagship software - Skyline - is a specialist E2E service supply chain software solution designed to meet and exceed expectations. Skyline's scope ensures our clients are engaged with more than just a software company and are building long term sustainable service solutions and partnerships.