2018 at PCCS Group

We’ve had a full week back at the grindstone and well… its been busy!

Although we cannot let spill on ALL that is going on at Skyline and the PCCS Group (the juiciest news has to be the most confidential…) we can tell you 2018 is going to be a massive year for us and our software.

Continuing our fazed transitioning of ServiceBase users over to Skyline Lite and developing our core module functionality, 2018 will see drastic improvements in our module capabilities for the good of all of our Skyline customers, no matter what implementation package you have with us.

Increased resource and activation requests for our Mobile Workforce Application will ensure it’s compatibility across all mobile devices; whilst its activation in new industries will see a broader range of functionality available for users meaning it’s fit for purpose way into the future and across more industries.

The looming GDPR legislation is also high up on our agenda in 2018. We are ensuring our software is as secure as feasibly possible whilst updating our procedures to guarantee compliance. We understand that our position as Data Controller requires acute discipline in business processes whilst being completely transparent in our activities, we want to assure our clients that when you work with us, you work with a safe, knowledgeable pair of hands.

2017 saw us re-brand, move offices (both in the UK & India), launch new websites and engage a wider range of industries with our first Expo; 2018 is all about building and delivering quality systems that innovate within the Facilities Management, Energy and of course the Service supply chain.

2018 will bring about numerous tests as we develop our core software in collaboration with new industries but we’re excited, ready and up for the challenge.

When you work with us, you engage with more than just a software company.

About PCCS Group

PCCS Group is a specialist E2E service supply chain solutions provider that designs, writes, and implements software solutions specifically designed to provide insight and innovation to the service and support sectors through enterprise software and collaboration. PCCS Group have a range of flexible and scalable software, which in close collaboration with its client’s ensures its core code can be adapted to meet their specific business requirements, including the operational delivery. Significant investment in cloud based data centre configuration ensures 99.99% uptime with a safe pair of hands on project migration. The groups scope ensures our clients are engaged with more than just a software company, and are building long term sustainable service solutions and partnerships.

First established in the UK in 1992, we have a presence in India, South Africa and New Zealand.

Our current clients consist of insurers, consumer products manufacturers, mobile phone networks, major retailers and service providers.

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If you would like more information on what Skyline and the PCCS Group can provide your business please contact

Alicia Agius
T: 01604 968938
E: a.agius@pccsuk.com
L: pccsgroup
W: https://www.pccsuk.com/contact-us

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