All about Microsites


Skyline Microsites are websites targeted at specific industries utilizing common functionality required within that industry. Each industry specific group of websites are completely independent with different themes, design patterns and content. As these groups of sites are targeted we can deliver cutting edge technologies at affordable prices. The sites are packed with features that can only be produced by a company that have detailed knowledge on the sectors they wish to target.

– Affordable price’s does not mean there will be any compromise with the quality or functionality of your website. The look and feel of our sites are at the very least comparable with any DIY package available but it’s features, functionality and value for money where we really excel. None of this means your site will look the same as everyone else’s within your particular industry of course. It’s the back end where all the common functionality is done, but still gives you the ability to pick and choose the look and features that best fit your particular business model; ensuring your site is tailored specifically to what you need, at a price that you control.

Although we deal mainly with large organisations such as trade associations and buying groups we are happy to talk directly to individual companies and offer them the same standard of service. n
PC Control Systems can also integrate iFrame Booking and Tracking of jobs for the services industry ensuring your website communicates seamlessly with your job management software.

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