Find A Buddy

Hi buddy, can you give me a hand?

If I need someone’s help to lift something particularly heavy at home, I tend to call up a buddy who lives around the corner from me. If he’s home, he’ll pop round and give me a hand, which tends to stop the inevitable trip to the chiropractor the following day!  Likewise, if he’s doing some DIY and needs to borrow a tool, I’m only happy to oblige.

In either of these scenarios if one of us is not contactable, then the task can generally wait. There tends to be less urgency when dong jobs around the house, although my wife might disagree!

In business, such a relaxed approach is less desirable.  Time is money, and time spent waiting, or returning, tends to hurt the pocket.

If it transpires that a one-man job is really a two-man job, how valuable would it be to be able to locate your nearest field colleague, knowing his exact location in relation to your own, without the need to make a telephone call that might be legitimately unanswered?  How many times have you been holding a unit, with a mobile ringing off in your back pocket?

Even in business, you might need to call on a buddy!

Our Remote Engineer Application includes a ‘Find a Buddy’ feature that allows a field engineer to see the geographical location of their nearest field colleagues in the event that they require assistance, be it physical, or checking if they have a required part in their van stock. The user can then contact their colleague directly from within the application. The application also displays the distance in miles between all of their field colleagues, so they can determine who can help them the quickest. Time is of the essence, and first time fix is king!

‘Find A Buddy’ is just one of the many features in the Skyline Remote Engineer application. For further information click here.

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