Microsites team deploy Brutus Scaffolding website.

The Microsites team at PCCS have deployed a new website – Brutus Scaffolding.

Brutus approached us about creating a corporate website showcasing their current work and projects in the pipeline.

Brutus acknowledged the ways in which the public source their services is changing, a quick breeze through the Yellow Pages no longer being a viable way of finding reputable service agents.

With local newspaper listings generating customers, they required a platform to prove the quality of their work and reaffirm in the eyes of the public that this business will go above and beyond to ensure the experience is not only of the highest quality but that customer safety is paramount.

Brutus are proud of the work they carry out and with new business come greater opportunities to expand their website gallery.

Given their turn over of images may be quite high, we will be providing Brutus with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Content Management System so they are in full control over what their customers see and the image they wish to present online.

PCCS appreciate getting website changes implemented can, in some cases, be a drawn-out process. Although we dedicate ourselves to ensuring more advanced adjustments are not delayed, we believe basic text and image changes can and should be in the hands of our clients.

With documentation being issued and support in-house we are confident PCCS has set Brutus up with an online environment that can grow with their business and we will be on hand to support them online as they continue to expand.

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