The Microsites team deploy NoiseUK website redesign

We’ve redesigned the Noise Website

With the partnership between PCCS Group and NoiseUK growing due to increase in demand and business scope; the design team thought it was necessary to review the Noise online environment ensuring we were not only staying up-to-date with design trends and functionality but to also ensure our in-house websites are built to the highest standard, adhering to Google’s ever changing algorithm and using all the new tools at our disposal since the previous site was launched.

Together with Bill Walker, Managing Director of NoiseUK, the team have created not only a new client-facing site but also an easy access Knowledge Base environment for their new service agents. All prevalent information stored in a central site meaning no need to manually send documentation, as well as providing NoiseUK with a Knowledge Base we have also created a blog site.

The need for an online environment is no longer confined to a website only, to boost website optimisation results and google rankings you must utilise social media. Lets make no bones about it, this is a time consuming activity so to streamline the process we have strategically linked our blog site with use of social sharing plugins to distribute articles at the click of a button or with the use of external programs to schedule your posts via the blogs RSS Feed and voila! A connected online environment geared not only towards seamless user experience but golden in the eyes of search engines.

This is by no means revolutionary, but a step that can ensure better results.

PCCS Group is a specialist E2E Service Supply Chain solutions provider that designs, writes, and implements software solutions specifically designed for the after sales service industry. PCCS Group have a range of flexible and scalable software, which in close collaboration with its client’s ensures its core code can be adapted to meet their specific business requirements, including the operational delivery. Significant investment in cloud based data centre configuration ensures 99.99% uptime with a safe pair of hands on project migration, The groups scope ensures our clients are engaged with more than just a software company, and are building long term sustainable service solutions and partnerships.

First established in the UK in 1992, we have a presence in India, South Africa and New Zealand.

Our current clients consist of insurers, consumer products manufacturers, mobile phone networks, major retailers and service providers.

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