What is Skyline Lite?

Skyline Lite is so much more than just job management software. As well as optimised efficiency, reduced administration and greater business intelligence Skyline Lite will provide additional tools such as booking portals for call centres, retail outlets, web interfaces and smart route planning software. Skyline’s primary function is to connect your workforce to fully utilise the resources at your disposal.

Skyline itself is a cloud based ERP software comprised of various modules covering all business needs of small to medium service providers, from complete stock management modules to full diary management; Skyline Lite is a management solution for service providers working in any industry. Skyline Lite offers an affordable but comprehensive solution to job management.

With improved efficiency and the ability to offer your clients additional support and services, Skyline Lite can grow with your business. Further modules such as the remote engineer application, provides a field service software solution and ensures best practice by your field engineers and optimised workforce management software allowing you to track progress on jobs in real time throughout the day.


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